The President of Hypnosis And Dynamic Meditation Institute ( Regd.), Proprietor of Dhyansanjivani Magazine, Founder of Mantravidya.com & Divyayogashop.com. A person of high caliber, tremendous wisdom, in-depth knowledge of spiritualism. Acharyaji has given  a considerable contribution to our society. His name is associated with the enormous  difficult task  not only in the field of spiritualism but also for Kundalini Shakti K.S.P., Ashtang Yoga, Vedas, Hypnotism, Upanishads, Tantra – Mantra & Dhyan -Dharna. He gave new horizon to Hypnotism. He strive hard to clear out the misconception  prevalent in Indian Society. Keeping this purpose in mind he organize various workshop all over the country to create an awareness about the subject. Acharyaji distilled out the thoughts of people in the case of psychological disorders or mental disorders (troubles related with mind). He provided the positive results to overcome Depression, nausea, phobia, Hysteria, by employing Hypnotic Technique successfully.

Acharya Shri Vijay Kumar’s  contribution is noteworthy even in enlightening  the people about the tremendous power of Alternative medicine, and the therapies associated with  Alternative medicine and their effectiveness in curing the disease right from the roots. Being a  spiritualist  and having a thorough knowledge in this field, he  tried to give the maximum benefit to whoever came to him for any help which could be for treating the  people absolutely free or  giving them a proper guidance through Astrological Prediction, Kundali matching or the ways to get rid of any problem related with Dhyan Sadhana , Meditation etc. Acharyaji arranged several workshop to create an awareness about all these subjects. He started a magazine called DhyanSanjivani to propagate his ideas about the misconception about the Spiritual World and Alternative Medicine. It has already made considerable progress and awareness and is yet doing a very good job.

But all this did not come so easily for him. Being born in a family which  could hardly make it’s  living. He had to face adverse  situation in his life. Right from the  young  age  of  innocence (childhood). Acharyaji had great liking for God and  Spiritual powers. He  had to strive  hard right from childhood. At the  age of 12 he  used to work in an ice-cream  factory, he also made wooden design and sold flags on 26th January (Republic Day)  & 15th August (Independence Day) . All these obstacles did not stop him from gaining knowledge. Whatever he earned after doing these works. He would spent all his earnings in buying Spiritual books, holy-books  & scriptures. While facing all the troubles  he continued  his journey towards Ashtang yoga, Kundalini, spirituality wholeheartedly. At the young age of 17  he was so engrossed in the Spiritual World that he had to drop his studies.

Acharyaji’s   contributions were made in the field of  spiritual development. He also played  his role in society by  providing absolutely free treatment to the poor &  distress. He also  gave grant and & aid in case of poor girls to get married.  Seeing this noble  cause  people have started coming forward  to contribute  for  his future plans.
Our organization has been gifted with land of 5 acres for a noble cause of establish and Ashram which will be a centre of all spiritual religious and humanitarian services to the community.
Being involved in Sadhana  for a period extending more than 20 years. He established  a new technique   called K.S.P. Healing which produced revolutionary measures in the field of healing .K.S.P. means ” “Kumar  Serpent Power”  It can be used effectively in any problems as well as awaking  the Kundalini. After devoting himself completely in the field of spiritual development he acquired  a new name called “SWAMI SHIVANAND DAS” with due respect & permission from his Guru. This new name was announced on the auspicious occasion of GURU PURNIMA on 5th July 2001.

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