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Acharya Shivanand Das Ji- The Founder of Shri Shivanand Das Divyayoga Ashram, Proprietor of Divyayogashop.com & Mantravidya.com

A person of high caliber, tremendous wisdom, in-depth knowledge of spiritualism. Acharyaji has given a considerable contribution to our society. His name is associated with the enormous difficult task  not only in the field of spiritualism but also for Kundalini Shakti K.S.P., Ashtang Yoga, Vedas, Sadhana, Upanishads, Mantra & Dhyan Dharna and all kinds of Spiritual activities. He organized various workshop all over the country to create an awareness about the subject.

Being born in a family which could hardly make it’s living, he had to face adverse situation in his childhood & teenage years. Acharyaji always had great liking for God and Spiritual things amazed him. Obstacles could not stop him from gaining knowledge. While facing all the troubles, he continued his journey towards Yoga, Kundalini, Meditation, Sadhana spirituality wholeheartedly.

At the young age of 17, he was so engrossed in the Spiritual World that he had to drop his studies.

Acharyaji’s has being continuously making his contributions in the field of spiritual development from last 35 yrs conducting various Yoga, Dhyan, Kundalini camps, workshop, Shivir, Healing Seminars, Sadhana and much more…

Being involved in Spiritual field for more than 30 years now, he established a new technique called K.S.P. Healing which produced revolutionary measures in the field of healing. K.S.P. means “Kumar Serpent Power” It can be used effectively in any problems as well as awakening the Kundalini.

After devoting himself completely in the field of spiritual development, he acquired a new name called “SWAMI SHIVANAND DAS” with due respect & permission from his Guru. This new name was announced on the auspicious occasion of GURU PURNIMA on 5th July 2001.

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