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Ardhanarishwar Puja

Siddha Ardhanarishwar Pujan

Ardhanarishwer Pujan

Beneficial to solve the Dispute of Husband-Wife, Partnership, Friendship, Relationship.

Today’s life is all about fall and rise. Fall symbolizes tears while rise a cheer (ecstasy). Elation, laughter does not long last than a flash. So what’s the panacea to break your shackles of materialistic surroundings (world)? What can protect your euphoria from festering? Five lettered word is a magic potion! And it does work. The more you fall, the more you rise, the more you give up the more you seep in the universal appeal. Becoming one with your self brings bliss that lasts with you like your breath and goes with you like your overall good and bad deeds. Here is a supreme source of Faith and they call it Lord Ardhanarishwar. Ardhanarishwar, the name would sound ringing bells in your spirits. Ardhanarishwar (man and woman together in eternal divinity) is a manifestation of Lord Shiva and Shakti, creator of the whole universe. From this pujan your and your partner will feel mental peace and understanding power. This Ardhanarishwar pujan can be started on every Saptami, Navami, Amavasya or every Friday.

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