Das Mahavidya Raksha Kavach

|| Das Mahavidya Raksha Kavach ||

|| Siddha Ten Mahavidya Maha Kavach ||

 Useful for…….. Safety from all types of Family Problems, Enemy issues, Property issues and provides benefit for film and artwork line Particular person, Provides protection from Spirit and Ghosts, Benefit for Wealth, Well being Profit, Success in Competitions, Interviews and Elections.This Das Mahavidya Maha Kavach is charged by 10 Mahavidya Mantra. This Das Mahavidya Maha Kavach has 10 Mahavidya Goddess energy like Bhairavi, Tripur Sundari, Kali, Bagalamukhi, Tara, Bhuvaneshwari, Dhumavati, Chinnamasta, Matangi and Kamala. From sporting this Maha Kavach we get all kinds of Security, Wealth and Well being Profit, Household Peace, Fulfill your all desires, Property Benefit and success in all competitions. Begin carrying this Raksha Kavach from Monday, Tuesday or from Thursday.


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