Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting
Paranormal Investigation

Beneficial for …. vastu dosha nivaran, take away all sort of unfavourable power or radiations in premises.

Ghost Hunting (Paranormal investigation) is the method of investigating places mentioned to be haunted by ghosts or destructive energy. Sometimes, a ghost hunting crew will attempt to gather proof of paranormal activity. Ghost hunters usually make use of electronic equipment of assorted types, comparable to EMF meters, digital thermometers, infrared, thermo graphic, and night imaginative and prescient cameras, handheld video cameras, digital audio recorders, and computers. Organized groups of ghost hunters are additionally referred to as paranormal investigation teams.

Paranormal investigation tools: 

Still and video images – utilizing infrared, digital, night imaginative and prescient, and even disposable film cameras to seize proof of possible visible manifestations, such as orbs, mist, apparitions, and ectoplasm.

EMF measurement – utilizing EMF meters to detect attainable unexplained magnetic fields which some attribute to the presence of ghosts and spirits, detrimental energy, radiations and at occasions used to spirit communication.

Temperature measurement – using infrared, and thermo graphic camera, imaging video cameras, and/or hand-held infrared surface and ambient temperature sensors to detect changes in the surroundings, similar to “cold spots”, which some consider accompany paranormal activity.

From this method:

We remove adverse power from your house.
We clear unfavorable power or radiations out of your office.
We clean adverse vitality or radiations from your company.
We clean unfavourable power or radiations out of your factory.
We clear detrimental energy or radiations from your plot.
We clean adverse power or radiations out of your building.
We clear damaging energy or radiations from your bungalow.

Residential (residence-flat-bungalow-plot) search and cleaning:- 100/- per s.f
Business (Office- shop- showroom-) search and cleaning:- 200/- per s.f

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This facility in Mumbai only.

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