Maha Sudarsana Japa and Havan

Maha Sudarsana Havan

Maha Sudarsana Havan or Yagna for removal of all enemies and avoiding accidents. The desires of human beings are innumerable and they vary in nature. As a result, the sufferings they might undergo also are many. Sometimes it may result in incurable diseases. It cannot be said that all sufferings and ailments afflicting mankind have human solutions. There are many things, which are beyond the work of human domain. These were the areas where divine intervention was sought by the ancient seers. This is where the mantras play a vital role. The mantras were the tools, which were used by the sages to free the world from sufferings. “mantaram trayate iti mantra” mantras are mystic syllables that free the chanter from inflictions. In the Vaishnava agamas the Shudarshan mantra is a very prominent one.

The Sudarshan Chakra or the divine disc of Maha Vishnu is one of the Lords prominent weapons in annihilating evil forces. When the devotees are suffering from the afflictions caused by incurable diseases, sorcery, or enemies, Lord Sudarsana dispels his fierce form and comes to their protection. When the last rites of the dead are not performed properly it might sometimes result in the sufferings of the progeny belonging to later generations. Scriptures state that performing the Maha Sudarshan Homam or Yagna could alleviate the sufferings of this nature. Performance of this Maha Sudarshan Havan or yagya also stops the danger or perils which may possibly occur in future. Lakshmi. For Sudarsana Japa and havan, we chant 11001 Japa and 10 % havan of chant.


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