Sabar Mantra

|| Sabar Mantra ||

This mantra is the only mantra, that can be uttered by anyone, even a child. Because it does not have any side effects. Reading it produces awkwardness , but take it seriously.

 Mantra to pacify your boss

 Mantra for Eye strain or pain

Mantra for headache (migraine)

Mantra for all kinds of diseases

Mantra for removing all Spirit effects

Mantra for removing Spirit effect for children

Mantra to remove Evil eye

Mantra to ease pain from piles

Mantra to ease breast pain for ladies

Mantra to increase sales

Mantra to ease boils in armpit

Mantra to ease Scorpions sting

Mantra to ease jaundice

Mantra to fulfill your desires

Mantra to increase confidence and success

Mantra to be successful in government related job

Mantra to be successful in new land

Mantra for victory


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