Shree Hanuman Raksha Kavach

Shree Siddha Hanuman Raksha Kavach

हनुमान रक्षा कवच

Helpful for…… psychic assaults, phobia, Confidence issues, Ghost, evil and protection from all form of black magic problems.

इस कवच को ५१००० पंचमुखी हनुमान मन्त्र से सिद्ध किया गया है. Shree Hanuman Raksha Kavach charged by bajarang mantra. The siddha Hanuman Kawach /Kavach are also recognized as Hanumat Kavach/Kawatch protects one from black magic, charms, negativity and psychic attacks. The wearer will get identify and fame and material comfort. We provide Siddha/Energised Hanuman Kavach with illustrated Puja Procedure.

Lord Hanuman Ji is taken into account as living God of this age i.e. “KALYUG”. Hanuman Swami is worshiped day by day nearly by all Hindu Devotees,nonetheless by some faith ladies are obstained from worshiping Brhamchari Hanuman Ji. By using this this hanuman rakha kavach you don’t eat non-vej.

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