Shri Sai Raksha Kavach

Shri Sai Raksha Kavach

Siddha Shree Lord Sai Kavach

Beneficial for…. Optimistic considering, Fulfilment of needs, success in life.

Shri Sai Kavach is the authentic and religious yantra which lets you obtain inside peace. Wearing this sacred pendant and maintaining faith in Sai Baba one would experience a tremendous sense of solace.

What’s Sai Kavach?

Sai Kavach’ is a small but real attempt of our institution to facilitate Sai baba’s followers in connecting with him spiritually. This kavach lets you experience the miracle of Sai Baba. ‘Sai Kavach’ is a pendent with Sai baba’s remarkably energy engraved in it. The Kavach works on the unfavorable aura round you. The non secular energy in this Kavach helps in achieving success and in fighting destitution.

Chant this mantra daily 7 upto 108 instances in keeping with your will using Sai Raksha Kavach for overall results and success.


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