Siddha 7 Mukhi Rudraksha

|| Siddha 7 Mukhi Rudraksha ||

|| Siddha Seven Faced Rudraksha ||

The Ruling planet of this Siddha 7 Mukhi Rudraksha is Saturn. Seven Faced (mukhi) Rudraksha governs Saturn, the all powerful Shani Bhagwan. When worn it sublimates the malefic effects of Shani and its disease like, impotency, cold, obstructions, hopelessness, delay, chronic disease, scarcity, worry etc. The Seven Faced (Mukhi) Rudraksha helps in building finances and amassing wealth. Seven Faced (Mukhi) Rudraksha can help attain prosperity and peace of mind. Seven Faced (Mukhi) Rudraksha is considered very auspicious because Seven Faced (Mukhi) Rudraksha helps ward off fatal diseases and death and achieve longevity.

This Seven Faced (Mukhi) Rudraksha symbolises the seven great rishis. Wearer of this gets wealth, fame and spiritual knowledge. Seven Faced (Mukhi) Rudraksha is said that poverty and wants never touch its wearer. According to the Vaishnava traditions, Seven Faced (Mukhi) Rudraksha represents Avanta (Shesha), the king of serpents. Each face represents one great serpent. These serpents are Anantha, Kakata, Pundarika, takshak, Visholban, Karisha and shankhachuda. Seven Faced (Mukhi) Rudraksha is very powerful serpents live in each face. Snakes never harass the wearer of this Rudraksh (Rudraksha). The lord of serpents, Shiva has special grace on the wearer. Due to grace of lord Shiva such a person is not affected by sins. Such a person gets all the merits befitting goals.


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