Siddha Bhairav Raksha Kavach

Bhairav Raksha Kavach

भैरव कवच

Siddha Bhairav Raksha Kavach

Beneficial for……… Security, Increasing confidence power, success in all goddess puja.

इस भैरव कवच को धारण करने से हर तरह के तन्त्र-मन्त्र, बुरू नजर से बचाव होता है तथा सभी देविया प्रसन्न रहती है.

This Bhairav Raksha Kavach is charged by Bhairav Mantra. Lord Bhairav is thought to be the security guard. Any Devi Puja will not be successful with out Bhairav Puja. From Bhairav Raksha Kavach we get security and confidence power. Begin carrying this Raksha Kavach from Tuesday or Saturday.



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