Siddha Black Horse Shoe

Black Horse Shoe

Particulars : The Horse Shoe just isn’t an Unusual Horse Shoe. It comes from a Black Horse’s entrance proper leg.

Goal : Horse Shoe for Safety from evil eye, negativity and Tantra attacks.

Horse Shoe is a typical remedial measure used all over the world to keep the evil spirits and evil eyes out of the house and luck spilling over. Black Horse Shoe is a common good luck charm. It’s fastened at the major entry/door in ‘U’ form on a Saturday night or Tuesday morning.

    The Horse Shoe is just not an peculiar Horse Shoe. It comes from a Black Horse. This Horse Shoe is taken out on auspicious time from a Black Horse’s entrance right leg. The Black Horse is a uncommon Horse, whose front proper leg strikes close to to the left leg while running.

        The Horse Shoe has been sanctified and energized with numerous Shabar Mantra and “Beej Mantra” on particular occasions like “Shani Amavasya” etc by Nice Yogis.

        Proper Puja and Hawan has been performed on it for energisation with Nav Grih also.

        This Horse Shoe is a robust safety against Black magic, Tantra, Mantra, evil eye, Planetary results, Vaastu Dosha, fear for thefts, insecurity, Disturbances at home, loss in business etc.

        Shoe of black horse is taken into account to be very powerful and provides its results quickly.

        It work as a protecting layer of the home, which protects the house from evil eye, negativity, germs, Tantra attacks, illnesses and unhealthy luck.

        It removes the evil impact of Saturn & its Sade Sati. Wearer is benefited with good well being and wealth.

        It can be fixed at important door in addition to will be kept on the Puja Place.

        If daily puja is carried out on it with the help of flowers, oil lamp, incense and many others it helps to meet all of the wishes.


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