Siddha Green hakik Mala

Green hakik Mala
Siddha Green hakik Mala

Helpful for… to get rid of adverse power and damaging thoughts
This Inexperienced hakik Mala is charged by Budh Mantra. Inexperienced hakik (agate) is effectively-identified for its healing influence and it is a stone of major importance to Orientals. Highly considered a peaceful stone, Siddha Inexperienced hakik Mala can also be used to assist calm nervous minds and rid negative ideas and energies. Siddha Inexperienced hakik Mala is believed by all that it saves the wearer from illnesses pertaining to coronary heart & abdomen. Siddha Inexperienced hakik Mala can be used as Japa Mala in numerous sadhanas. Specifically beneficial if an individual is suffering from dangerous mercury results (planet Budh) in his horoscope as green hakik can be used as substitute of emerald.


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