Siddha Shankh (Conch) Mala/Rosary

Shankha Mala

Siddha Shankh (Conch) Mala/Rosary

Small malas or rosaries made out of small conch shells or Shankh are thought of fortunate and auspicious. Shankh is a crucial puja merchandise and is used in Hindu pujas. Conch Rosaries are pricey to Goddess Lakshmi. Conch Mala is used often within the sadhana of Goddess Lakshmi or whereas chanting mantras devoted to Goddess Laxmi.

It is believed that carrying of small conch malas deliver peace and prosperity. Some individuals preserve this mala together with account books and in cash lockers for luck and business prosperity.

People who consistently give speeches wear the conch shell mala to beat stage worry and to achieve confidence. Some folks wear it to overcome speech problems.

Some people additionally make offering of Conch shell mala to Goddess Lakshmi.


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