Siddha Tulsi Mala


Tulsi or Basil is a sacred plant and the mala is made from the stems of the plant and are used as a rosary. There are 108+1 beads in this mala. This plant has sturdy medicinal qualities. If you take up this rosary it could remedy you from high fever, mental ailments or dysfunction of wind in your system, since it balances the vata and kapha. Remarkably, if worn around the neck it relieves you of throat diseases. Not solely does to drive away cold, flu, acidity it is a stress buster as well. This mala guards you from all evils and risks and purifies each your body and mind. Your small step to worship it could be an enormous leap in your life in route of spirituality.

  • Pure Authentic Tulasi Beads of Zero mm size.
  • These are Made out of Actual tulasi stem and made into maala. Greatest for wearing to get non secular and natural effects
  • Thulasi Mala are Manufactured in Bulk quantity as per requirement also.


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