Siddha Vaijanti Mala


Vaijanti seed comes from the forests the place the god and goddess eternally make love. A mala of victory. Vaijanti is a shiny seeds that grows within the forests of Braj. Lord Vishnu and Krishna love this mala.

Vaijanti Mala is also known as Lord Vishnu’s garland. It is extremely widespread belief among the many those that bearer of Vaijanti mala by no means looses something in life. It is widely used for Japa (prayer) of Lord Krishna, Vishnu and Rama.

  • Black Vaijanti mala works as a Kavach towards black magic and evil eye. One who wears black Vaijanti mala can’t be harmed by any magic or Tantra attack.
  • Black beads of Vaijanti are also used for removing the malefic results of the planet Saturn.
  • It gives victory by means of our dharma (fact).
  • It’s used for Vashikaran, Attraction and Devi Siddhi.
  • It balances all doshas.


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