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Mahavidya Bhairavi Mantra

The methods for the worship of Tripura-Bhairavi have been described in the sacred texts for the attainment of victory over the sensual desires and all round development. Tripura-Bhairavi who is also called Kala-Bhairavi is the presiding goddess of this decaying-world. Her complexion is red like the thousands of rising-sun, wears silken apparel and has a garland of heads around her neck. Her lips are marked with blood. She has three eyes and possesses a moon in her crown. She has a garland in her hand and is an embodiment of knowledge, fearlessness and boons. There is a soft smile on her lips. Method – Any desire gets fulfilled by the chanting of above mentioned mantra for 1,25,000 times and by worshipping the Yantra

Tripur Bhairavi mantra is:

॥ Om Bhairavi Saham ॥

॥ ॐ भैरवी साहम ॥

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