Raksha Kavach For Removing Black Magic

Black Magic Raksha Kavach protects the wearer and his/her family from Evil spells, Black Magic, Curse, Voodoo, Spirits and all forms of negative energies........ More »


Ashta-Vinayak Ganesha siddhi Yantra

Lord Ashta-Vinayak Ganesha Siddhi Special Yantra

Beneficial for ……….. Removing All Sorts Of Obstacles.

This Ashta-Vinayak Ganesha siddhi Yantra is charged by Ganesha mantra. Ashta (That means Eight) Vinayak temples are scattered all over the state of Maharasthra within the western region of India. Ashta-Vinayak Ganesha siddhi Yantra has eight kind of ganesha’s power. Hold this Ashta-Vinayak Ganesha siddhi Yantra on worship place or hold in pocket/purse. Ganesh, the benement and design God of wisdom & take away all obstacles Ganesha Puja is must earlier than starting any work. It’s most auspicious Ganesha is always invoked earlier than any essential work is undertaken be it the starting of a business, the constructing of a house of a house or the writing of a guide and even endeavor a journey.


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